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Part Selector for CS-Cart

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Our Part Selector for CS-Cart modification enables your store visitors to search from products based on several criteria

and allows for the correct product to be located quickly.


This is particularly useful in the Automotive, PC, Office Products industry:

  • Year-make-model and analogous product filters
  • Display product finders at home page and category pages
  • Create filters with unlimited number of selection options •


The only limits are what CS-Cart can handle.


Please note this is not an add-on but a custom modification, installation on a standard CS-Cart will take around 1-2 business days depending on the additional specifications and requires core modification.

If you have existing or additional modifications, the installation time will increase as we may need to make adjustments. This would be quoted separately.

IonCube is required to be installed on your server.

Part Selector

Installation Type:
IonCube (latest version)
Tested with Cart version:
Compatible with:
  • CS-Cart Ultimate