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Facebook Pixel Addon by 4sprung will allow you to integrate your Facebook Pixel Base Code to your CS Cart and track actions such as registering, purchasing items, and so on. These actions can be used to retarget audiences, find new customers, track conversions coming from your Facebook ads, and ultimately allow Facebook to automatically optimize your ads.

What is the Facebook pixel?

The Facebook pixel is JavaScript code for your website that enables you to measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns. Using Facebook pixel, you can leverage the actions people take on your website across devices to create a more effective Facebook advertising campaigns. With the Facebook pixel, you can:

  • Measure cross-device conversions: See how your customers are moving between devices before they convert.
  • Optimize delivery to people likely to take action: Ensure your ads are being seen by people most likely to take the action you want them to take, like purchase or fill out a form.

  • Automatically build audiences for website visitors to retarget: Create Custom Audiences for people who take specific actions on your website, like visited a product page, added to cart or purchased a product.

  • Create Lookalike Audiences. Find more people who similar to your best customers.

  • Run dynamic product ads. Create relevant and timely ads on Facebook based on the products people have visited on your website.

  • Access Audience Insights. Get rich insights about the people who visit your website.

How to create and set up Facebook Pixel account, just click on this link. 
Once you have your Facebook Pixel base code, just add it on your settings.
Please NOTE you will need the correct ION Cube version for your version of PHP on the server for any of our add-ons to work!!
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IonCube (latest version)
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Compatible with:
  • CS-Cart Ultimate