CS-Cart Upgrade Service

CS-Cart is constantly being developed and enhanced to make sure to catch up with the fast changing technology of the internet. It also includes critical security patches in its updates to make sure your cart is safe from new threats. 

CS-Cart regularly releases software updates that offer a range of improvements addressing everything from security and performance and even search engine optimization enhancements. Updates are thoroughly tested and quality controlled providing you with stable, tested performance enhancements that continually decrease your long-term total cost of ownership. Moreover, with updates you get new features delivered to your store.

Owning a CS-Cart / Multi-Vendor license grants you the right to run the software on a server for an unlimited amount of time. However each license can be limited to 1 year from getting access to all updates or new versions of the software. 

With 4Sprung we can assist you in upgrading your cart to a latest version because sometimes the updates come with changes in your current cart's configuration or setup that requires a developer. We make sure that during the upgrade process you don't have to do or worry about anything.

Our upgrade service includes the following:

  • CS-Cart Upgrade License (if main license is no longer valid for upgrade)
  • Data Migration
  • Theme Update/ Compatibilty
  • Addons Update/ Compatibilty
  • Custom Modifications update if needed. 


If you are ready to upgarde your cart, please fill up the form below.