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Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO is a marketing strategy designed to help customers or users find the products and services offered in your shopping cart. The better or higher your ranking, the more customers will find you and visit your shop.  


What's Included In Our SEO Marketing Services?

Keyword Research

Content Marketing

On and Off Page Optimization

Conversion and Analytics

AdWords/ Pay-Per-Click Optimization





  1.  ​Why do I need SEO?
    • SEO helps your website gain more visibility in search engines like Google by improving the rankings for your site relative to keywords for which your customers are searching. Essentially, when people search for your services in Google, search engine marketing helps influence Google to show your site above your competitors. SEO packages can potentially also increase organic traffic to your site allowing for even more revenue.
  2.  Is on-site optimisation really that important?
    • On-site optimisation is as important as the foundations of a house. Without onsite SEO, other digital marketing strategies may not completely fall into place. We cannot stress enough how fundamental on-site SEO is to digital marketing. There are many things we can do to optimise your website that will not only help to increase your quality score and provide a greater user experience but also boost your store organically in search.
  3.  Should I set up a blog?
    • 57% of companies have acquired customers from their blog according to this Infographic. A blog is a really important part of your site that shouldn't be neglected. Keep the website fresh by updating your blog regularly, it provides signals to search engines that your site is a living digital organism that is breathing and hasn't died. The spider will come back more often to your site to check for updates and this is a great signal for SEO and quickly indexing pages. Drive new traffic and think of every blog post you make as a new door opening to your store that visitors can use to view your online shop. Instead of writing just about your products, instead you can write about interests and hobbies that are related to your products, update industry news and spout your opinions. The blog is a human mouth that speaks the word the rest of your site is unable to do and in the process, attracts new visitors who otherwise may have never found your site.
  4.  Do You Offer Any Guarantees?
    • Google's algorithm consists of over 200 ranking factors, the vast majority of which they do not disclose. With that being said we cannot make any guarantees but we will utilize industry best practices to influence your website's visibility. Our team is backed by SEO experts who stay up-to-date on Google’s algorithm changes.
  5.  How Do I Know If It’s Worth It?
    • Most businesses that give SEO a fair shake end up experiencing its benefits. The only drawback is the amount of time it takes to start proving its value as you may not see the results right away but the more time you spend on running and improving your SEO strategy, the more you stand to gain. Put simply, if you’re patient, strategic, and you follow best practices, SEO almost always offers a positive ROI.
  6.  How Long Does It Take To See Results?
    • There are many factors to take into account when answering this. It can take anywhere from weeks to months, or sometimes years. The time it takes to see an increase in visibility can be determined by anything from the competitiveness of your industry to the quality of links that are built to your site. SEO is an ongoing process, and you are never really "done.”


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