CS Cart Addons FAQ's

Q: Why do some of your add-ons cost more then CS-Cart itself?

A:  As a business, the price of the add-on or modification is initially based on the amount of research and time that went into its development. However, in order to attract consumers, the price must also have a value that justifies the cost. Given the functionality and complexity of the add-on, we believe the estimated increase in your overall sales figures will more than defray the initial cost.

Furthermore, most developers choose to break down their add-ons and sell 20 different products that only accomplish one or two things. We have chosen to bundle together comprehensive, fully functional add-ons or modifications that are much more affordable and easier to maintain.

Q: Is the add-on guaranteed to work in any possible scenario and set up?

A:  Unfortunately, it is impossible to make such a guarantee as we cannot account for every conceivable configuration and setup. However, what we can guarantee is that any issues resulting from our code will be corrected free of charge, provided you are using a standard CS cart installation and setup. If not we can quite likely still make the add-on work but additional paid support will be necessary.

Q:  Can you guarantee that every add-on is 100% bug free?

A:  Our dedicated QA team works hard to provide a bug-free software. Nevertheless, given the complexity of the add-on, the multitude of CS Cart configurations, and the frequency of CS Cart updates, there is a small chance a bug may slip through. What we can guarantee is that any bugs will be fixed in a timely manner and free of charge.

Q:  Do you develop according to the CS cart development standards?

A:  Yes, we make sure to follow all CS Cart development documents and standards. Our development team only works with CS cart and no other cart system. In total, we have spent roughly over 30,000 hours on the CS cart platform.

Q: Can I self install the add-on?

A: Most of our addons can be self-installed. For addons or modifications that need a developer's help, we require an installation fee.

Q: Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

A:  Generally, we do not provide a refund if you simply change your mind, due to the nature of the add-on, we can also not provide refunds once the product has been distributed or installed. If you have any questions, please ask them before you purchase.

Q:  Can you customise the add-on for me?

A:   Yes, we can provide any customisation you require. Please e-mail us your full job specifications and we can provide you a fixed price quote.

Q: Can I install the addon on more then one domain?

A:  Yes you can but you will need to purchase a additional license for each domain you like to install it on. If you request, we can license to a development domain free of charge however this cannot be a live site and it needs to be clearly a development domain.

Q: Will the add-ons work with multi store CS-Cart versions?

If not advised differently yes, however you will need one licence per store front as cs cart unfortunately does not allow addons to be installed on specific store front only

Q:   How do I receive support?

A:  Please use our Help Desk to receive support. The CS Cart forum is NOT a location where we can provide adequate support. Remember when requesting help to provide a reasoned, detailed inquiry so we can quickly diagnose the issue and offer a solution, provided it falls within the scope of your purchase.