Professional Installation Service


Professional installation fee for several of our modules.

Please provide the following details:

  • FTP
  • FTP Server:
  • FTP: username
  • FTP: password

Shopping Cart:

  • web site admin URL:
  • Web site admin username:
  • Web site admin password:

Data Base:

  • Database name:
  • Database user name:
  • Database password:
  • Link to mysql admin:

Please ensure that all details are working as we need to charge a AU$ 20 access fee if we can't log in because of wrong details provided.

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1 Hour Support Someone in coburg bought a System Support Hour (24-48h turn around) for AU$120.00 Recently.
Someone in South Windsor bought a Standard 256 bit SSL certificate incl Installation (2 years) for AU$299.00 Recently.