CS Cart Responsive Adaptive Boilerplate Template Theme

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Are you looking for a quality CS Cart Template that offers extremely fast page loading time coupled with great usability and design?


General Features
•    Conversion Optimised design and Layout based on Baymard Institute’s studies
•    Responsive/Adaptive content optimised for XL,L,M & S size screens
•    Cs Cart themes are Optimised for speed
•    Based on CSS3 and HTML5 – optimised for all modern browsers
•    Unique banner block with edge to edge sizing and content overlay
•    All default dialogues and pages styled
•    Floating cart, which sticks to top on mobile devices
•    Zooming thumbnails
•    “Flip on hover” gallery on thumbnails
•    Flat and modern design
•    Developer friendly styling to customise the theme faster
•    SEO Friendly Mega Footer (show Google content about your business)

Baymard Institute

The 4Sprung MiniMax theme with CS-Cart is both an adaptive and responsive web and mobile site template with CS-Cart integration that is proven to create a unique user experience that combines the elements of true flexibility that businesses are looking for in a customizable web template. Make your storefront a visual and navigational powerhouse on the e-commerce market by implementing the 4Sprung MiniMax theme. It suits a wide variety of businesses

Why MiniMax?
MiniMax was developed and designed with user experience in mind. Consider, for example, that the responsive default theme from CS-Cart allows for flexible layout changes, but this also hinders the performance of the site. It makes it difficult to implement more comprehensive customization and will effect page loading time. This is important for SEO because page load time is a factor for search page ranks on search engines like Google and Bing. MiniMax makes 60 percent fewer requests upon load, and it outperforms most other CS Cart templates. Page loads using MiniMax tested in Pingdom shows the upper 90s on the performance grade while our competitors are in the low 80 with more than double of the requests then the MiniMax theme.

The Boilerplate
The Boilerplate MiniMax responsive and adaptive theme was developed from the ground up with speed, elegance and simplicity in mind for the end user. Essentially, 4Sprung developed the elegant minimalist theme to be lightweight and easily modified if you have coding knowledge. It is considerably faster than most responsive templates. There was no reverse engineering of any code from the CS-Cart responsive default Theme. It has Thousands of lines less code then a default template.

Research and Development
4Sprung analysed usability studies and other research, such as Baymard Institute’s paid conversion optimisation studies to deliver an optimised design for conversion. So beyond great visual appeal, your website template will deliver conversion so that you can maximise your ROI.

Impressive Features of the Theme
Our boilerplate responsive and adaptive theme with CS-Cart includes many impressive features including optimisation for small, medium, large and extra large screen sizes, perfect for nearly any device. Faster page loads and optimisation for conversion makes it a better theme for businesses. It is based on the most up-to-date web and mobile standards: HTML5 and CSS3 for modern web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other mobile device based browsers. There are other more site specific features as well, including a unique banner block with edge-to-edge sizing and content overlay, a floating cart that sticks to the top on mobile devices, zooming thumbnails that are great for e-commerce sites and a “flip on hover” gallery for thumbnails. All default dialogues and pages are styled, and the developer-friendly styling of the theme makes it easier to customise it much faster.

Impressive Add-Ons of the Theme
MiniMax has a couple of great included add-ons such as an advanced banner manager with text or graphics overlay and predictive search.


The theme is easy for developers to install and modify. Try MiniMax with CS-Cart for a truly professional-grade e-commerce theme with your customers in mind.

The template is more suited for the advanced CS-Cart owner who has
some coding knowledge or has a dev team at hand. While most features
can be changed via blocks, this highly customisable template gives you full control over the coding and allows you to make any modification on the code level via our clearly structured framework.

You will not be able to use the Auto Update Feature with any 3rd party template or 3rd party add-on

Customisation or set up is not included in the purchase price but we can quote you on any customisation you require separately.

Please note at this stage CS-Cart does not support the theme editor for boilerplate themes. However, you can make any coding changes as the theme is not encrypted.


Installation Type:
IonCube (latest version)
Tested with Cart version:
Compatible with:
  • CS-Cart Ultimate
Great template, we had this changed and implemented by 4sprung and are very happy with the results and the support and service we received.

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