Abandoned Cart Remarketing Addon

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The Abandoned Cart Remarketing addon provides a simple solution on how to manage the abandoned or live carts on your online shop. 

  • It compiles a list of abandoned carts and filters only those with email address that way you can send a follow up email for them to complete the order.
  • You can also edit the email template via WYSIWYG/ HTML Editor.
  • You can also set a promotion or coupon for the follow up email. It will automatically create and assign the promo to your email and send the code to the email.
  • It is cron ready so you can automatically send the follow up email depening on the time you set.
  • It will only send once per email address so if the user has abanonded more than one carts, the user will only receive the promo code once.
  • You can also export the filtered emails list.
  • You can also view a products statistics list showing which products are mostly or least added on abandoned carts that way we believe it will help you boost your marketing on those products.
  • You can also export the products statistics list.


Please NOTE you will need the correct ION Cube version for your version of PHP on the server for any of our add-ons to work!!


Important Notes:

Before you purchase our product, please read the following instructions:

  • As a protection and precautionary measure, all of our codes are encrypted with the IonCube encoder. IonCube is pre-installed on 99% of UNIX-based web servers. Before purchasing, please ensure that you have the latest IonCube version for your web server
  • Our product is guaranteed to work on a standard CS cart installation. However, we cannot guarantee compatibility with core modifications or 3rd part add-ons. If you should run in to issues we can customise the add-on at a extra cost to take your modifications in to account
  • If you run multiple stores on the same backend you will need a licence for each store you can not use the addon only for selected domains on a multi store installation.
  • The add-on comes with 3 month free support.

Abandoned Cart Re Marketing

Installation Type:
Tested with Cart version:
4.6.X, 4.7.X, 4.8.X
Compatible with:
  • CS-Cart Ultimate