Product Catalog Features

  1. Unlimited number of products and categories
  2. Product cloning
  3. Unlimited category nesting
  4. Bulk product/category management
  5. Ability to assign products to multiple categories
  6. Featured products list and cross-selling
  7. Digital delivery system
  8. Configurable products
  9. Quantity discounts
  10. Discount coupons
  11. Membership-based access to every category
  12. Minimum order amount per customer group


Product Details

  1. Unlimited product options with optional surcharges
  2. Various display types for product options
  3. HTML-enriched product descriptions
  4. Related products list
  5. Customers also bought list
  6. Unlimited product images
  7. Large product image pop-up

Shipping & Tax

  1. Incremental Shipping Module (The best shipping module in any cart system)
  2. FedEx, USPS, DHL, and Australia Post real-time calculations
  3. Customisable shipping surcharges
  4. Unlimited custom delivery methods
  5. Unlimited custom-defined destinations
  6. Shipping restriction by location
  7. Free shipping option
  8. Drop shipping
  9. Flexible shipping customisation by number of items, weight, or order


  1. Customers can choose delivery methods
  2. Customisable tax calculation
  3. Product-specific taxes
  4. Tax-exempt feature
  5. Incremental shipping module with parcel splitting

Customer Care

  1. Integrated configurable store search
  2. Search filters
  3. Password reminder for customers
  4. Customers can view order histories
  5. Customer memberships and special pricing
  6. Membership-based access to the informational part of the store
  7. “Continue shopping” and “Clear cart” buttons
  8. Printable invoices
  9. Wish list feature
  10. Feature comparison option
  11. Customers can edit product options directly in the cart
  12. OpenID login via Facebook, Gmail and Yahoo


  1. Full HTTPS/SSL support
  2. Secure HTTPS/SSL administrative access
  3. Secure HTTPS/SSL checkout, login and customer profile pages
  4. ?ustomer passwords are MD5 encrypted in database
  5. Password-protected administrative access
  6. Automated periodical requests for administrative password changes
  7. Passwords are always checked for security

Marketing & Promotional Tools

  1. Affiliate programs
  2. Automated SEO meta-tag description and page title creation
  3. Java Script rotating banner managernull
  4. Quick Buynull
  5. Store Locatornull (utilising Google Maps)
  6. This Week’s Deal front page add-on
  7. E-mail/postal gift certificates
  8. Product filters
  9. RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)
  10. Featured/related products, cross-selling
  11. Ability to set up variety of promotions
  12. Product reviews and ratings
  13. Gift registry/wish list
  14. One-page checkout
  15. Bestsellers
  16. Send to friend feature
  17. Reward points add-on
  18. Ability to add tags
  19. Polls
  20. MailChimp implementation
  21. GetPrice data feed add-on
  22. Customer group minimum order requirements
  23. Predictive quick search with image preview

Merchandising & Inventory

  1. Full product stock control
  2. Low-stock notifications
  3. Wholesale trade
  4. Ability to set minimal order amount
  5. “List Price” and “Our Price” options
  6. Enabling/disabling product inventory control
  7. Extended import/export of product database

Payment Gateways & Methods

  1. Full list of offline payment methods: Checks, purchase orders, phone orders and others
  2. Real-time credit card processing: 50+ integrated pay gateways
  3. Ability to create new payment methods

Web-based Administartion Panel

  1. User-friendly administrator area
  2. Easy and quick addition of multiple items (products, categories, static pages)
  3. File browser and template editor using AJAX technologies
  4. Ability to configure every aspect of e-commerce site in real time
  5. Integrated database backup/restore tool
  6. Flexible organisation of web-shop informational part
  7. Unlimited number of admin accounts
  8. Multiple levels of administrative access
  9. Ability to act on behalf of other users
  10. Ability to collect statistical data
  11. IP-based access restrictions
  12. Integrated webmail system
  13. SMS notifications

Repeat Customer Accomodation

  1. Cart content is stored in database
  2. Each customer can have an unlimited number of profiles
  3. Registered customers can edit their account details at any time
  4. Registered customers can view their order histories


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