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Xero for CS Cart Add-on v4.0

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Professional Installation of the addon in your shopping cart. Highly recommended.
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Please NOTE you will need the correct ION Cube version for your version of PHP on the server for any of our add-ons to work!!

Please check out our Xero for CS Cart Change Log for latest compatibility and Fixes

With Xero for cs cart automaticaly sync Your CS Cart Sales into Xero Accountancy Software

What is Xero?

Xero is easy to use online accounting software that’s designed specifically for small businesses.


  • It's all online, so you can work when and where you want to. Just login with your PC, Mac or mobile.
  • Your bank statements are automatically imported and categorized, letting you see your cashflow in realtime.
  • Invite your team and work together on financials. You can collaborate over your upt odate numbers.
  • Xero has all you need to run your business – including invoicing, paying bills, sales tax returns, reporting and much more.


Find out more or try Xero Accounting Software for free. 


You'll enjoy our add-on which integrates Xero with your CS Cart Store data. All you have to do is log on to Xero and all your data will be available and ready to compile.


The add-on will allow you to save time by automatically exporting your data while reducing errors that come with manual processing. By saving time you'll also see increased productivity and increases in your sales volume.


The simple to configure add-on requires no separate log-ins, allowing you to do all your work from the CS Cart and transfer it to Xero when you are finished.


With the CS Cart add-on, you can keep your accounting streamlined and your financial information current.

Some other features and benefits of this Add-On include:

  • Automatic import of customer information orders into Xero, with database figures updated in real-time.
  • Real time data transmission to Xero
  • Uses your CS cart Default Location, assign Tax types for default location and overseas locations
  • Easy installation as an add-on. The data is integrated using Xero's API.
  • Xero Inventory support, including matching of items ordered with items in your Xero inventory. If the item does not exist, the software will create the item for you. (please note Xero does not support stock control at present you would need to use something like Unleashed, which has Xero integration, if you require stock control)
  • Apply payments to their respective invoices automatically.
  • Assign different invoice statuses based on payment method
  • Support for multiple currencies.
  • GST, VAT, and Sales tax support, including taxes applicable to all 50 US States.
  • Support for discount coupons, vouchers and payment surcharges
  • Assign different income accounts for Products, Shipping, Payment Surcharges, Gift Certificates and Promotions.
  • Assign each payment method towards a hendifferent clearing account if required
  • Detailed yet simple configuration 
  • Invoices are created on the fly and matched to existing customer records or are assigned to a single ID like Online Sales
  • Match invoice records with Xero's PayPal Importer and Bank Feeds.
  • Licensing - One per storefront.
  • If you receive around 10 order a day this add-on will save you probably 6 hour of manual data entrée a week, you book keeper will charge around $35-$45 per hour so this add-on is well worth the money!!!


To transfer your financial records securely, your PhP version must support open SSL. While the majority of websites will meet this requirement, you should inquire with your hosting company if you have any questions. You will require a private and public key generated exactly as outlined here:

You will receive free suport and updates during your subscription.




Please understand this is a complex add-on which has taken many hours of development work to program.
To protect our code parts of the add-on are encrypted with the IonCube encoder which is pre-installed on most UNIX web servers. Please ensure you have the latest version on your web server.

Our Add-on's are installed on dozens of different web sites with different CS-Carts versions however there are many variables depending on your cart version, hosting set up like PHP, MYSQL and IonCube/ZendGuard version.

If you don't have a stock standard CS Cart, have modified code or have 3rd part addons installed we can NOT gurantee that our add-on works without changes which we are happy to make at our standard hourly rate.

We strongly recommend to use our professional installation service as our development team can easily identify any issues with your hosting setup and in most cases install the add-on without any further changes from you or your hosting provider.

99% of installation issues are caused either by the customer or by out-dated software like IonCube.

If you decide not to choose our installation service but then require support for your installation please be aware that we will charge AU$65 per support hour for ANY installations support. If your installation problems are caused by any issue in our code we will refund the support fee.

We will immediately stop to provide any support for people who lack common courtesy and we will not tolerate abusive or disrespectful emails.

Please note we don’t offer instantaneous download  please allow 1-2 business days for delivery

Please do not order if you do not agree to the above!



Xero for CS Cart

Installation Type:
IonCube (latest version)
Tested with Cart version:
Compatible with:
  • CS-Cart Ultimate
  • CS-Cart Ultimate Mutiple Languages
great add-on and excellent support, it save us a lot of time with our online store and xero reconciliation at
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