Popup Layer add-on for CS-Cart (Responsive)

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Responsive Pop Up Layer Add-on for CS- Cart


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Always wanted to have a pop up layer (light box window) appear when customers enter or exit your web site? This versatile add-on allows you to show specials, sign up form or pretty much whatever your heart contents. Use HTML or the WYSWIG editor

CS Cart Pop Up Layer Features:

  • Have multiple pop up layers and enable and disable as required
  • Determine when to show pop up (after page load or on exit)
  • Determine pup up window delay (in seconds)
  • Responsive implementation
  • Determine reoccurrence (choose from 10 options how often the pop up will show for a customer)
  • Choose a clear or greyed out light box background
  • Choose the position (left, centre, right)
  • Determine where to show the pop up only on home page or on all pages
  • Determine pop up width and heights
  • Determine whether pop up area is scrollable
  • Display a Title or not



Includes 12 month basic support and updates

  • The add-on will be delivered within 2 business days after we receive the required details to licence the add-on
  • There is NO immediate download
  • The add-on is suitable for self-install
  • You will require IonCube to be installed on your server (pre installed on 99% of unix servers)
Installation Type:
Tested with Cart version:
Compatible with:
  • CS-Cart Ultimate
very versatile add-on I use it for specials but as well for mailing list subscriptions and holiday notices
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